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From an early age, I have always been concerned with how we treat the rest of the species and the planet. As a human being, my sense of protection towards both has been constant. As an artist, although my exploration is intimate and deep with the soul -what makes us up and which is our essence to be connected with everyone and with everything-, it is impossible for me to separate my artistic creation from respect for the life of all living beings and the earth we inhabit.


“Wishing Well Bottles” is a wonderful project that allows me to recycle those glass bottles from the food and drinks we consume and transform them into pieces of art with a magical element: a good wish for the planet and its beings. Bottles painted with my art that contain the breath of a good intention and once acquired by the collector, that good thought is released and integrate that energy with the air that surrounds us and the world. Thus we nurture a cosmic connection!


But once that wish is released, a "Wishing Well Bottle" continues to work magic because its owner can continue using it as many times as it is desired: blowing a personal wish, closing the lid and releasing the intention deposited there after a while. Two pieces of advice: first, when you blow, wish with all the strength of your thoughts and the joy of your heart; second, wait three moonlit nights before opening the bottle. Do you believe in Magic? This is your magic, my magic, our magic.

Thank you for collecting them and being part of this project!

Wishing Well Bottles

By Karina Matheus

A footnote: part of the money raised from the sale of the bottles is destined to foundations that work for the well-being of our environment and, why not, for the well-being of our soul.

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