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"Abstractionism has allowed me to explore alternate worlds with very personal meanings. As an artist, creating gestural dimensions with color not only gives me the breath of life but allows me to investigate the concept of the soul and its connection with the physical nature of being a human. I start from the affirmation about the existence of the soul, which is why my search focuses on understanding it and exploring the apparent disassociations with the flesh and emotionality.


Even when I am far from a rational process, I am the subject and at the same time the object of study because I seek to decode my own soul through those worlds that compose it and that start from images, feelings and movements that are materialized with brush strokes and textures. With this process I intend to detach myself from the way that makes us succumb to distraction and takes us away from the essence.

I encourage viewers of my paintings and installations to discover themselves and explore communication between the subconscious and consciousness, between the inner world of souls and the outer world of human beings."

Karina Matheus



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