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Abstractionism has granted me the privilege of voyaging into alternate realms imbued with deeply personal significance. As an artist, the act of creating gestural dimensions through color not only breathes life into my work but also offers a profound exploration of the concept of the soul and its intricate connection to the physical human experience. My journey commences with the unwavering belief in the existence of the soul, and it's this conviction that anchors my quest to fathom and navigate the seemingly disjointed relationship between the soul, the corporeal form, and our emotional states.


Even in the midst of a creative process that often defies rationality, I become both the subject and the object of study. My objective is to decode the enigma of my own soul, unraveling its intricate composition. This composition springs forth from a tapestry woven from images, emotions, and movements, all crystallized through brush strokes and textures. Through this artistic alchemy, my aim is to liberate myself from the confines of figurative shapes that can ensnare our senses and divert us from the essence of existence.


In my art, I invite viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and to explore the intricate communication between the subconscious and consciousness. It's an exploration of the inner realm of souls and the outer world of humanity, a poetic dialogue that transcends the boundaries of perception and touches upon the profound essence of our shared existence.

Karina Matheus



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