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Karina Matheus

The Code (2017)

Dr. Bello, graduated curator from La Soborne, explain about Karina Matheus' painting exhibited in the context of 57th Venice Biennale. "Personal Structures" in the Palazzo Bembo and organized by GAA Foundation (2017).

Karina Matheus

Come Together (2018)

Augmented Reality by 2HandedCoding


“Come Together” is about the human diversity. We are different but we live on the same planet inside overlapping layers of experiences and be respectful and tolerance is the key to our evolution. The artistic concept is inspired by The Beatles’ song and it was created in layers of colors: from the unprimed canvas to the last layer of brushstrokes with Augmented Reality. It is part of the evolution the art with the technology and it is not necessary to use any lens or helmets, just a phone or tablet to live the experience. The viewer also can penetrate the painting and be within “Come Together”.

Karina Matheus & DWNTWNR


“It is not very common to come across an integral artist. Sometimes we fail to understand that Stallone, in addition to a successful actor and producer, shares a passion with George W. Bush: They are both experienced painters. In the case of our special guest Karina Matheus, she is the definition of "Renaissance Woman", expressing her artistic cravings through dance, photography, writing, painting, and the marketing of other artists. In this candid and revealing conversation with the Venezuelan artist, we talk about Art Basel, Ryan Goslin, people under the sign of Virgo and how Taurus influences them, what to do with the water that we should not let run, and the importance of looking for our soul . Do not miss it."

Agatino Zurria. AZCA Films

Karina Matheus with CHIC Magazine


About BEART Projects' exhibition "Maria de Magdala" at Artifice Gallery Miami.

Karina Matheus with EVTV


About BEART Projects' exhibition "#HUMANRIGHTSVENEZUELA" at Carlos Albizu University in collaboration with Roberto Mata School of Photography, International Solidarity Human Rights and Zambrano Foundation.

Karina Matheus in Kollage Podcast


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