Karina "K" Matheus


Karina Matheus was born in 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela from Italian and German roots. She attended the  Cristobal Rojas School of Arts and School of Arts of Central University in her hometown. She studied music, photography and dance, disciplines that developed even more her artistic vision. She also earned a BA in Mass Communications with Film and Video Production Specialization from Andres Bello Catholic University and Marketing Specialization from Metropolitan University, both in Venezuela.   

She has exhibited in International Art Fairs and Exhibitions such as Parallax London 2016, Art Boca Raton 2016, Art Concept Miami Art Week 2016, Art Palm Beach 2017, Personal Structures at Palazzo Bembo during 57th Venice Biennale Italy 2017, and Imago Mundi by Luciano Benetton Foundation 2017, among others. Also, she has exhibited in special art shows and galleries in Miami and continuously in curatorial spaces in Wynwood, renowned Art District in Miami.   

Her pieces are in Private Collections in London (UK), North Caroline and South Florida (US), and Caracas (Venezuela).   

She lives and works in Miami, Florida, United States.  


"I believe that in the abstractionism lives a chromatic dance that establishes a triangular dialogue between the artist, the spirit and the divinity. That spiritual geometry is possible through the musicality of the forms created by color.  Abstractionism is the most challenging expression: tell a story, draw a picture, transmit an emotion… Deconstruct and compose realities through this technique is detached from the form that often drowns us and makes us succumb to distraction.   In my search, I invite the viewers to be my companion to immerse in the world of my abstract paintings and installations and discover oneself. I encourage the viewers to explore the possibility of communication between the inner world of souls and the outside world of human beings."  


"Matheus’ works combine primal gestures, strong brushstrokes, and fistful touches on canvas. Her energetic and intense pictorial field dynamically expands and contracts, evoking greater forces of the universe. Her non-objective imagery is associated with the heritage of the New York School. "

Milagros Bello, Ph.D. in Sociology with a doctoral thesis in Sociology of Art from Sorbonne University (Paris VII-Jussieu), Paris, France.